What is National Patient Account Management Week?

National Patient Account Management Week began on October 18, 1989. It’s to recognize all who are involved in healthcare administration management. Though formally referred to as being National Patient Account Management Day, this event is extended to last for the duration of a week.

Not exclusive to any one particular facility in question, patient account management week applies to all healthcare administration management professionals across the country who should be appreciated for their efforts.

The event was established to show appreciation for professionals who assist patients and facility members alike in all kinds of matters relevant to patient healthcare and the financial responsibilities associated with such. This  includes both direct medical care and billing details.

Appreciation For Operational Efficiency

The ultimate goal of the week is to emphasize the importance of all who were involved in keeping the administrative priorities of healthcare management operational throughout the year. Thanks to professionals who allow the healthcare administration back office to continue operating smoothly, the healthcare system is able to provides its services to all who need it.

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Through the consistency that those involved in patient account management facilitate:

  • bills can be processed punctually
  • protocol can be met consistently
  • patient records can be kept consistently organized
  • all important administrative tasks can be carried out under all industry, state and federal guidelines.

In-House And Contracted Managers

National patient account management day shows appreciation for all administrators who facilitate the services needed by:

  • healthcare providers
  • physician offices
  • clinics
  • hospitals

Whether operating directly as an employee of the facility or hired via contract, all of the day-to-day priorities of a healthcare facility are made all the more possible by productive back office operations.

Revenue Consolidation

Effective administrative work ensures that health facilities are able to keep their operations functioning smoothly. They also help ensure that they have the capacity to continue earning enough revenue to cover all of the cost of operations.

The activities to show appreciation for these revenue-generating facility management personnel could include anything from recognition ceremonies to complimentary meals.

There is no set kind of event that is necessary to perform the show appreciation for national account management day.  Whatever it is, it will usually be something that gives the back office personnel a sign that they are not taken for granted.

Incentives For Further Contributions

The importance of National Patient Account Management Week is emphasized by the fact that most of the operations that back office personnel conduct may not be overtly apparent to be outside observer. They primarily operate in the back office. So what they are doing to keep the healthcare facility operational isn’t immediately visible.

Personnel involved in making sure that administrative priorities are met consistently have to go through rigorous training to contribute their services reliably. The appreciation given for their efforts incentivizes perspective patient account managers to pursue the field and know they are recognized for their efforts.