Duke University MBA Health Sector Management Program

Duke University MBA Health Sector Management ProgramAn MBA in Healthcare Management combines advanced learning in business and finance with specialized coursework in the  issues facing healthcare leaders. Potential candidates for this degree include:

  • Students seeking leadership positions in the healthcare industry
  • doctors or nurses seeking to move into the operations and management side of medicine
  • experienced business and finance leaders wishing to transition into the healthcare industry

Health insurance and pharmaceutical professionals may also be interested in pursuing this degree. This is usually a two-year degree program for full-time students, but options for part-time or accelerated study are generally available.

In addition to the MBA core courses in business theory and practices, the MBA in Healthcare Management provides learning and experience in healthcare applications such as:

  • compliance and risk management
  • practice management

The program opens doors to a wide array of career options in healthcare leadership, including:

  • consulting
  • healthcare corporate leadership
  • pharmaceutical executive positions
  • manufacturing leadership positions for medical devices
  • healthcare facility and hospital leadership.

Details of the Duke University MBA Health Sector Management Degree Program

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has one of the top-ranked MBA programs in the United States. The Fuqua School offers an interdisciplinary MBA in Health Sector Management. Duke is a leader in medical education and research as well as business education. Students in this program have the ability to work closely with and build contacts with:

  • business leaders
  • research leaders
  • clinical leaders

Duke offers programs for students in a variety of situations. The Daytime program is the traditional two-year program. The Cross Continent program offers online study of the healthcare industry and its issues on a global level. Students will spend time studying internationally in:

  • the United Arab Emirates
  • Russia
  • China
  • India

The Weekend Executive program is geared toward students with substantial work experience. It allows the student to continue working while attending classes on weekends. The Global Executive program is for leaders with 10 – 30 years of work experience. It includes residencies in:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

It’s combined with online learning.

Admission to Duke’s programs is extremely competitive: 26% of applicants to the Fuqua School are accepted. The average GMAT score of incoming students is 698. Additional factors considered very important in admissions are:

  • application essays and interviews
  • undergraduate records
  • recommendations
  • any relevant work experience

Tuition for the Fuqua MBA is $113,600, with an additional $6,000 for the Health Sector Management credential program. Loan assistance programs and grants are available. 81% of full-time Fuqua students receive financial aid.

The Duke University MBA Health Sector Management Program at the Fuqua school is a top national program training leaders in the healthcare industries for executive positions in the United States and internationally.

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