Infographics About Healthcare Management

At MBA Healthcare Management, we enjoy using infographics to communicate complex and crucial information about the healthcare field. It’s in a visually pleasing format that’s easy to comprehend. Below you will find a list of our favorite infographics about healthcare and links to view them. To stay updated in this rapidly evolving field, be sure to check back often as our list continues to grow with the latest trends.

Military Hospital

What Happens When a Solider is Injured in Combat?

When soldiers are injured by explosive mechanisms, gunshots, or other incidents in a war zone, 90% make it back to the hospitals. But, there is quite a detailed process involved in getting our trips home to American military hospitals. From medical aid in the battlefield to medical transport and beyond, this healthcare infographic depicts exactly what happens when soldiers are injured.



Big Companies Leading the Way in Preventative Care

Statistics show that nearly 75% of our nation’s healthcare spending goes toward the treatment of chronic diseases. Companies are now realizing that their employees’ health has a big impact on their bottom line. Here you will get an insider’s look into new initiatives for workplace wellness programs by companies on the front lines of a health revolution.



Fibromyalgia: Invisible Pain is Real Too

Despite the fact that fibromyalgia is one of the world’s most common and painful conditions that affects the musculoskeletal system, there are many skeptics that question its existence. Simply read through this detailed infographic to discover the very real symptoms and triggering events that guarantee this painful condition is worse than anyone could make up.



The Dementia Epidemic

7.7 million new cases of dementia are diagnosed each year. It is predicted that 135 million people will be living with dementia by 2050. The healthcare field is struggling to keep up with this rising epidemic. Check out this infographic that shows the must-know information about the:

  • symptoms
  • types
  • costs
  • treatments for these debilitating diseases.



The Healthcare Costs of War

Although the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan have come to a close, the spending will not stop when the fighting ceases. Our country will continue to spend billions of dollars in healthcare. In this infographic, you will find an explanation of how the United States is obligated to pay for future medical and disability costs for veterans to over $754 billion!



Chew on This: Impact of Food-Borne Illnesses

Nearly 20% of Americans become ill each year by something they ate. Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized. Food-borne illnesses have a multi-billion dollar impact on the nation’s healthcare industry. Check out this infographic to learn more about the most common kinds of food-borne illnesses, their symptoms, and ways to prevent them from occurring.



5 Ways Our Healthcare System is Broken

As you embark on a career in healthcare manager, it’s important to be fully aware of the current situation that you are entering. From unnecessary medical spending and health disparities to rising chronic conditions and medical errors, this infographic will show the top five ways that the United States’ healthcare system is broken and in need of reform.