10 Great TED Talks About Health Care

Since healthcare is a dynamic and consistently evolving practice with continual advancements in biomedical technology, TED talks about healthcare are important for medical professionals who want to learn from leading medical visionaries. Below, you will find ten TED talks that provide a glimpse into all of the latest changes that are transforming the healthcare field.



1. Lucien Engelen: Crowdsource Your Health

While we are all familiar with smartphone apps that help you find a local restaurant, supermarket, or ATM, what if you need emergency medical assistance? As a leading healthcare technologist, Lucien Engelen focuses this TED talk on discussing all of the latest online innovations that are advancing the way lives are being saved every day.



2. Daniel Kraft: Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That

As technology continues to advance on a seemingly daily basis, it makes sense that there are rapidly developing technologies that can be applied to healthcare and medicine too. In this TED talk, the innovative physician-scientist Daniel Kraft gives a glimpse into the next decade of new medical tools, apps, and tests that will deliver critical diagnostic information right to patients.



3. Stefan Larsson: What Doctors Can Learn from Each Other

Although each hospital produces different outcomes on various medical procedures, patients are usually unaware of these statistics when selecting a surgeon. However, physician Stefan Larsson shares his viewpoints in this TED talk on how doctors can learn from one other by sharing their most effective techniques to remove the high-stakes guessing game when it comes to finding high-quality healthcare.



4. Ivan Oransky: Are We Over-Medicalized?

Within this TED talk, executive health editor Ivan Oransky warns that the healthcare industry is suffering an epidemic of preposterous conditions, ranging from pre-diabetes to pre-cancer. While incorporating a lesson from the game of baseball, Oransky discusses how the healthcare field can find a solution to the commercial hoax of marketing medications for prevention.



5.Bill Davenhall: Your Health Depends on Where You Live

As a health and human services expert, Bill Davenhall strongly believes that where we live can have as much of an impact on our health as our diet and genes. Since geographical information is not part of the common medical records, Davenhall utilizes this TED talk to share his ideas on how mobile GPS apps could greatly improve physicians’ diagnostic practices.



6. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain

Have you ever wondered why teens seem to be more impulsive and less self-aware than adults? Well, leading cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore has all of the answers. In this TED talk, Blakemore compares the prefrontal cortex of an adolescent and adult brain to demonstrate how these typically “teenager” behaviors are caused by the growing brain.



7.Seyi Oyesola: A Hospital Tour in Nigeria

As the famous inventor of the “Hospital in a Box” for off-grid medicine throughout Africa, Dr. Seyi Oyesola gives this presentation to take an in-depth searing look into the current state of healthcare practices in the underdeveloped countries of Africa. In particular, the TED talk focuses on a tour of one hospital in Nigeria that is barely surviving on donated supplies.



8. Lee Cronin: Print Your Own Medicine

If you have ever dreamed of receiving your medications without making a trip to the pharmacy, you may soon be in luck. With his expertise in nanoscience, chemist Lee Cronin is currently working on a 3-D printer to print molecules. In this TED talk, Cronin discusses how his invention could revolutionize healthcare by enabling people to print their own medicine with chemical inks.



9. Ellen ‘t Hoen: Pool Medical Patents, Save Lives

In this healthcare TED talk, medical law expert Ellen ‘t Hoen introduces her latest medical innovation known as the Medicines Patent Pool. Since patenting a new drug considerably helps finance its hefty costs for development, the pool can help ensure that advanced medications are no longer out of reach for ill individuals in developing countries.



10. Eric Topol: The Wireless Future of Medicine

Since the majority of people today never leave home without their smartphone, cardiologist Eric Topol predicts that we will soon be using our mobile devices for medical purposes too, including monitoring our vital signs and tracking chronic health concerns. In this TED talk, Topol highlights some of the leading wireless devices that are soon to take over healthcare’s future.

Overall, the future of the healthcare field has been dictated by the innovations of professionals who dare to think outside of the box. Within these TED talks about healthcare from the most inspirational medical experts, you will learn about all of the latest medical innovations that are changing the way medicine is approaching and treating illness.

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