What is Medical Underwriting?

Insurance companies go through a process known as medical underwriting on each policy. They do this to ensure they are charging each customer properly. This article talks through the many ways the process works, how it helps patients and how insurance companies complete the process. Anyone who has concerns about their insurance may contact their carrier with questions. They may challenge any underwriting that has been done on their policy.

What Is Underwriting?

Medical underwriting is the process by which an insurance company gauges the risk of a single policyholder against other policyholders with the same plan. The risk of the owner of the plan will be used to set their premiums. Those who are using less of the company’s resources will pay less every month. It is important that the insurance company checks the risk of each policy, and they will send out notices for the new premiums on the policies accordingly.

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Is Underwriting Ever Incorrect?

Someone who owns a policy with a certain company must ensure they have not been overcharged, and they may challenge the policy’s changes. The underwriting that is done by the company may not be accurate if information was left out in the process. They will find it much easier to ensure they have proper premiums when asking for a review. Reviews are completed every day, and the policyholder will have a resolution to their problem in a short time.

How Long Does Underwriting Take?

The underwriting process is not all that long. It must be completed quickly to ensure they are charged the proper prices. Someone who wishes to see a change in their policy must contact their carrier at once to ensure they are in the review process. They will save quite a lot of money when they have requested proper reviews. The insurance will complete a review including a report, but it does not take all that long to do. The insurance company will send updates on the policy. They will notify the customer of any decisions that have been made on the policy and its premiums.

How Much May Be Saved?

Medical underwriting may save the customer quite a lot of money after they are found to be less risky than other customers. Those who request reviews every year and know they have filed few to no claims will have an easy time saving. Someone who is unsure of their position must ask the company for a review to ensure they are not in the wrong bracket for coverage. There are many medical records that must be covered to ensure the policy is charged properly. Patients may submit their records as proof that they are not a high risk.

Insurance companies must use underwriting every day to ensure they are charging proper premiums to customers. Customers who are aware of changes to their policies may do quite a lot to ensure they are not paying too much. They may ask for a review, and they will get around the underwriting process which may not have had all the information needed to make a proper decision. Insurance companies and customers may work together on underwriting knowing that they may come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.