Is Board Certification in Healthcare Management Necessary?

Board certification is necessary for medical professionals who work in clinical settings. However, many wonder if it is necessary to pursue board certification in healthcare management. As a healthcare manager, you will work in health care facilities to ensure that the facility:

  • makes a profit,
  • patients are happy
  • the business is thriving

As the leader in charge of the most important administrative tasks, healthcare management professionals play an important role in all of the profit-making activities.

Profits are important to the facilities. So there is a need for professionals who can demonstrate their competence to boards who set the field standards. This is why board certification is a must within the field of healthcare management. Read on to find more about the societies that offer certifications and what you must do to become a board certified health manager.

Why Are Certifications Valuable for a Healthcare Manager or Executive?

There is more than one type of board certification you can earn when you work in healthcare management. The goal is to find the most appropriate certifications that will present both you and your employers true value. If you want to be certified as a manager, it starts by earning your degree. Once you get a degree, you need to get the professional experience that is required to sit for testing. You will then be able to show your competence by taking a certification exam. Once you are licensed, you can show you are still committed by maintaining your certification with continuing education credits.

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What Certification is Most Valuable for a Healthcare Manager or Executive?

If you are ready to invest a great deal of your time into your career, you can start by earning the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems credential. With this certification, you can show that you are technically skilled in information systems as they pertain to healthcare. It may not be a technical certification, but it is something health information managers need to show they are committed to the field. You can also pursue the Certified Healthcare CIO certification or the Health Information Technology Professional certification if you want to break into IT.

Maybe you are pursuing a career in healthcare administration but do not want to become a health information manager. The Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives certification is more up your alley. The FACHE is a board certification that shows that you are a superior leader in healthcare. Unlike some certifications, you do not need a Master’s degree to become a certified FACHE. Executive mentors with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society believe that this certification worth pursuing if you want to be recognized in healthcare settings.

There is a growing need for healthcare managers in all of the healthcare settings in the nation. In fact, healthcare management is one of the top in-demand healthcare occupations according to Monster. To work in the field, you need to to oversee the entire facility and keep up with ever-constant changes in the industry.

If this is an environment that you know that you can perform in, getting your board certification will take you places. Review your options and then earn the right board certification in healthcare management so that you can gain traction and boost your career.

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