How Much do Jobs in Nursing Informatics Pay?

Do you have a passion for both the practice of nursing and the science of managing information? You may be a perfect fit for the nursing informatics field. In this emerging field, professionals work to develop applications where information can be stored and used to educate and inform other professionals in medical facilities.

Informatics is a fulfilling career where skills from several different technology industries can be integrated. That’s why it’s a top-ranked option for nursing professionals who want to make a difference while promoting the health of communities. Anyone who plans to study to specialize in this area of informatics should research how much positions in the field pay.

Where to Find Accurate Information

There’s a large variety of resources that can be referenced online to help individuals research salaries and occupations. Unfortunately, since the Internet is full of credible and not-so-credible sites, it’s difficult for those who are doing research to determine which sources to trust.

One of the most accurate and trustworthy resources to use as doing salary research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website. Here, users can find information on:

  • current salaries
  • educational requirements
  • occupational outlook
  • demographic information

All of this information is gathered by the government and compiled into the database for public review.

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What is the Average Pay in the Nation?

While informatics professionals in nursing are not new, it’s a field that is evolving. More and more agencies and facilities are focusing efforts on developing applications and new digital systems to conduct research and increase collaborative efforts in medical communities. Agencies like the BLS have done a lot of research on the field.

Part of the research conducted by the Bureau is related to salaries. The agency surveys different employers and employees in each field industry to determine what new and experienced informatics professionals are earning. According to the data compiled by the BLS, the average Registered Nurse earns $68,450 per year in the US. This is a general average that doesn’t take into account a specialty like informatics.

Pay in the Specialty Area

There are so many different specialties that it can be difficult to narrow down how much a graduate will earn if they are specializing their nursing education. Since informatics analysts are very specialized, doing deeper research on average earnings is a must. According to the, the national average salary for an informatics professional in nursing is $75,518 per year.

Reasons for Demand

Changes in regulations for medical facilities have a lot to do with the rise in demand for informatics analysts. With the passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, it’s anticipated that technology-related positions for nursing professionals will rise. As the need for experienced RN’s in this field goes up, so will the average pay for experienced applicants.

Anyone who would like to apply for an analyst role in the field will first need to become a registered nurse. After passing a nursing program and getting licensed, they must get experience and further education via a Master’s program. Once they have passed an MSN program with a focus on Nursing Informatics, they can pursue a new role.