Can I Get an MBA in Healthcare Management Online?

Colleges and universities across the country have recognized the advantages for offering degree programs in the online venue. Working adults have the desire to advance in their careers and the advent of online education has made it possible for them to acquire the education that makes it possible. Online degrees are not limited to undergraduate levels. Master’s and doctorate degree programs have joined bachelor and associate degrees including Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). MBA programs allow candidates to specialize in particular areas. An MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Management is a particularly lucrative career choice and not just in salary. The healthcare industry has continued to expand despite the economy affecting other industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects Medical and Health Services Managers to grow by 22% by the year 2020.

How Do I Find a Quality Online Program?

The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) has an Academic Credentialing Program (ACP) which includes many online programs ( Membership to students enrolled in the programs ACP approved is offered, as well as credential testing for validation of the candidate’s qualifications. Further testament to the quality of the MBA program offered is found right at the chosen school. Universities and colleges display their accreditations and affiliations on their websites.

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What Can I Expect in the Curriculum?

The curriculum in an MBA program with an emphasis in healthcare management will include coursework in the following areas:

• Leadership techniques
• Business and management principles
• Compensation and benefits
• Laws, legal codes and government regulations
• Psychology of human behaviors
• Preventive healthcare measures and treatment alternatives
• Human injury diagnostics and techniques

A strong propensity in math, economics and communications will enhance the education and qualifications for any candidate in an MBA program.

Duties of a Healthcare Manager

Managers in Healthcare management have to be problem solvers. They deal daily with information that must be analyzed and evaluated to reach the best possible solution. They must then be able to effectively communicate their decisions to their supervisors and co-workers. Building team respect and cooperation among all workers is another responsibility of healthcare managers. Such cooperation is in the best interests of the patients for whom they set policies and procedures.

Healthcare managers must maintain knowledge in current laws and standards set by the federal government and the states in which they are employed. They must work and make decisions within the parameters of the regulations which have been decided by lawmakers and boards of the healthcare providers.

The healthcare industry is a challenging field. MBA degree holders have been through the rigorous challenge of obtaining their degree. This proves they are up to the challenge to oversee the workings of the medical institution they have chosen to practice their career. Institutions that require the services of a fully qualified, competent healthcare manager include:

  • Hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • urgent care clinics

Earning an MBA online allows a person to maintain his or her job while completing the requirements.

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