5 Podcasts About Diet and Nutrition

Podcasts Discussing Health Eating

  • Food Psych Podcast
  • The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous
  • Bulletproof Radio
  • Breaking Down Nutrition
  • Real Food Radio

With the increasing number of different and sometimes contradictory diet programs and nutrition advice available, reliable podcasts about diet and nutrition are becoming more popular. In recent times, Forbes describes that there has been a shift in the way retailers and customers think and talk about food. There is more of an emphasis on knowing the ingredients and processes used in manufacturing packaged food as well as a preference for farm-fresh produce and plant-based proteins. The following food and health podcasts are some of the most trusted on the subject.

1. Food Psych Podcast

With six seasons and counting, this podcast features nutritionist Christy Harrison as she interviews other professionals in the industry. She focuses on helping people identify their relationship with food and separate food from their emotions as well as exposing the toxic culture that so often surrounds restrictive dieting. Eating disorders and body image issues are also common topics as well as switching goals from a number on a scale or body measurement to overall health and happiness. A new episode is available each week on Mondays.

2. The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

Monica Reinagel produces this podcast about healthy eating with a new installment on Tuesdays. Each episode lasts roughly 10 minutes. It usually either addresses a common question about dieting and nutrition or debunks a myth. Some recent topics include:

  • water weight
  • vegan burgers
  • nutritional value of eggs
  • the different types of oil

Having experience as both a professional chef as well as a nutritionist, Reinagel combines scientific fact with an appreciation for the art of cooking.

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3. Bulletproof Radio

This podcast focuses on diet and nutrition as well as other components related to improving one’s energy level and overall health. Producer and host Dave Asprey started his journey by switching to a low-carbohydrate and high-fat ketogenic diet and touting the benefits of his famous bulletproof coffee. On his podcast, Asprey focuses on ways to use technology and new research to improve one’s health and performance. In each episode, he talks with an expert in the field including:

  • doctors
  • nutritionists
  • scientists
  • other related professionals

4. Breaking Down Nutrition

Each episode of this podcast is concise. It runs about five minutes and ends with an actionable tip for improving nutrition. Dr. Susan Mitchell and Regina Ragone run this podcast along with their website, Food Fit Fabulous. Their main message involves looking at the way food can treat health conditions and lead to better health outcomes. They emphasize that listeners do not have to completely change their diet overnight because incremental changes add up.

5. Real Food Radio

Ayla Withee and Nicole Holovach are registered dietitians who host the Real Food Radio podcast about nutrition and food. They look at these topics through an integrative and holistic health lens. They discuss the many different ways food can affect health. Past episodes have involved:

  • fertility and pregnancy
  • vitamins
  • thyroid health
  • body image
  • heartburn

These are just a handful of the many programs that help explain various dietary recommendations. There there are others that offer anything from quick practical tips to in-depth studies on the biochemistry of food. Regardless of personal interests or health goals, there are podcasts about diet and nutrition for everyone.

Source: Forbes