5 Great Jobs in Environmental Health

Environmental Health Jobs

  • Environmental Compliance Manager
  • Sanitation Director
  • Food Safety Inspection Supervisor
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
  • Health and Safety Engineer

Environmental health is the branch of knowledge that deals with the natural and artificial aspects of the environment and how they affect human health and comfort. Specialists who work in this field enjoy a lot of respect in society due to the nature of their work as well as the kind of pay they get every month. This post will shed more light on the top five great jobs you can pursue in this field.

1. Environmental Compliance Manager

Environmental compliance managers oversee the inspection of industrial facilities and investigation of the sources of pollution. Their main goal is to protect the local population from the harmful effects of environmental degradation and ensure companies comply with environmental regulations. Much of their work involves investigating suspected violations of regulations such as excessive emission of pollutants and illegal dumping. A majority of environmental compliance managers work for governmental agencies. Others work for research firms, educational institutions and manufacturing companies. They earn an average salary of $71,539 per year.

2. Sanitation Director

Sanitation directors coordinate, supervise and manage sanitation and food safety programs within an organization. They ensure the organization’s sanitation program complies with the rules outlined in the general environmental safety policies and procedures. In order to do this, they may supervise adherence to good manufacturing practices, conduct inspections and make necessary adjustments in regard to sanitation procedures and processes. Sanitation directors often work in food manufacturing and processing plants and big hotels. They earn an average salary of $67,825 per year.

3. Food Safety Inspection Supervisor

Food safety inspection supervisors monitor companies that manufacture, process and distribute food products. Their main aim is to ensure such companies do not violate the food safety regulations set by the government. Their duties include inspecting the sanitary conditions under which the foods are prepared and the health and hygiene habits of those working in the company. They then develop a comprehensive report on their findings and present them to the relevant authorities for further action. Food safety inspection supervisors work for the federal government under the Department of Agriculture’s food safety unit. They earn an average salary of $100,000 per year.

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4. Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Occupational health and safety specialists work to ensure better health and safety within an organization. Their main job is to ensure workers and other people within the organization are protected from chemicals and machinery that may cause harm to their health. Occupational health and safety specialists work in a wide range of settings. These include factories, offices and mining fields. Their work often involves a lot of outdoor activities and travel. They earn an average salary of $70,920 per year.

5. Health and Safety Engineer

Health and safety engineers create protocols and design systems to protect people against injuries and illnesses. They use their understanding of the engineering of machinery and chemicals as well as their impact on health and safety to ensure they do not harm anybody or the environment. Health and safety engineers often work in offices. They sometimes travel to inspect equipment in the field and attend meetings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the salary of health and safety engineers at $86,720 per year. The Bureau also projects the employment rate to grow by 6 percent over the next 10 years. This growth rate is considered as fast as they national average and represents a lot of prospects for those who want to enter into this profession.

The careers listed above pay good salaries and present a wide range of opportunities for growth. It is also worth mentioning that the list represents just a fraction of the jobs you could get as an environmental health expert.

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