5 Great Careers for Health Statisticians

Are you a student who is interested in the medical field? Are you interested in the research aspects involved? You would do well to seek out a career as a health statistician. You’ll have the opportunity to calculate important statistics to determine the probable risks and benefits of a wide variety of health-related issues. There are several fields that you can specialize in that will allow you to enjoy any of these excellent careers.

1. Public Health

This is the perfect job if you’re interested in finding new ways to understand, control and prevent health issues that are prevalent in our society. You’ll find jobs available through the government and various other agencies that are focused on public health. Your job duties will involve gathering important data by such means as:

  • surveys
  • interviews
  • the study of various diseases

You’ll be expected to analyze and interpret that data to produce a better understanding of the health of the overall population. The results of your studies may be used in various government publications and  scholarly journals.

2. Pharmaceutical Research

This career choice will allow you to conduct important clinical trials and other methods of applied research to work towards developing:

  • new drug therapies
  • medications
  • other medical treatments

You’ll be expected to design and complete your own:

  • studies
  • surveys
  • mathematical tests

These will allow you to collect data that shows both the risks and the effectiveness of various chemical compounds. Your job duties may also include:

  • working with scientists toward common goals
  • writing reports
  • analyzing results
  • ensuring that government regulations for drug safety are strictly adhered to by your pharmaceutical company.

3. Private Research

Health statisticians who have done well in their field may be recruited to work for those who have set up private research aimed at a particular medical issue or disease. This often occurs when scientists obtain a grant to pursue and expand on an idea that they have to improve some existing treatment. You may find yourself doing your part to:

  • find a new cure for cancer
  • help those with spinal injuries to walk again
  • even cure the common cold

In general, your duties will include supplying important data and running clinical trials to contribute to the goals of the private researcher.

4. Academics

Colleges and universities often hire health statisticians as professors, and you may expect to teach a number of courses that include:

  • public health
  • statistics
  • mathematics
  • computer science
  • biostatistics

You’ll be expected to:

  • supervise student research
  • create your own research projects
  • offer advisement and mentoring to your students

Most health statisticians who choose an academic career will also:

  • work to acquire funding for their educational establishment through grants
  • participate in university committees
  • publish their research in scholarly journals

5. Biomedical Research

This career choice will allow you to find gainful employment in hospitals and research laboratories  around the world. You can expect to assist in all areas of statistical research that include:

  • the planning phase
  • conducting the research
  • interpreting the results

These biomedical studies will be used to improve on a wide variety of medical treatments and devices.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the job outlook for health statisticians is excellent. You’ll have the opportunity to make a good living at any of these careers. Get busy earning your degree, and you’ll soon be helping to make the world a better place as a health statistician.

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