5 Conferences About Health Informatics in 2017

Informatics is the science of improving the function and efficiency of work in any one of a variety of industries, through the introduction, advancement, and refinement of digital technology. Health informatics doesn’t get the widespread public attention that doctors, nurses, or EMTs do, but health informatics professionals are a critical part of the healthcare infrastructure in today’s modern world. They improve the flow of information, allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnostics and laboratory processing, shorter hospital stays, and greater standards of patient care and comfort.

As with most professional fields, there are professional associations which host a variety of health informatics conferences throughout the year. By attending these conferences, you can ensure that you’re keeping up to date on the latest information within your field, while potentially broadening your professional practices with new ideas that weren’t previously available.

Public Health Informatics Conference

The Public Health Informatics Conference is held annually, and involves a variety of noteworthy organizations in the healthcare field, including the Centers for Disease Control. Attendees benefit from a wide range of exhibits, knowledgeable guest speakers, and the latest in cutting-edge techniques which have been developed by industry-leading health informatics professionals. This is an excellent baseline conference, to ensure that you don’t miss out on any major advancements which might have occurred over the preceding year.

International Conference on Health Informatics

The International Conference on Health Informatics is going into its tenth year in 2017. This conference draws healthcare and informatics professionals from all over the world, and is noted for the number of informatics professionals in attendance who are not directly associated with the healthcare field; with the focal point of the conference remaining centered on healthcare, this serves to broaden the diversity of new information and techniques made available, which health infometrics professionals can subsequently adapt to their own needs.

International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics

The International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics is a highly accredited annual event, which draws noteworthy speakers from across the world, and is endorsed by multiple reputable organizations. It features a number of authors, special presenters, and activities, as well as ample opportunities to find sponsorship, and to network with a wide range of professionals and innovators within the health informatics industry.

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iHealth Clinical Informatics Conference

The iHealth Clinical Informatics Conference places predominant focus upon health informatics as it applies to clinical medicine. It’s a “boots on the ground” type of thinking; where other conferences often focus very broadly on biomedical practices as a whole, the Clinical Informatics Conference is an industry-leading event in working out practical, evidence-based healthcare informatics solutions for implementation directly in individual hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions. The conference is a rich source of information for specific solutions to problematic issues, many of which are shared by a growing number of institutions.

IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics

The IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics is an annual event which takes a broad view at the role of informatics in healthcare. A heavily sponsored and well-funded conference, with contributions from a wide range of major corporate firms, the IEEE-ICHI includes speakers and workshops that touch on the application of a wide vareity of informatics and computer science applications. Rather than limiting their focus strictly to entirely medical concerns, they also cover public health and general wellness practices in the broader sense, and the conference presents resources on how to educate the general public on healthier lifestyle practices.

More about Health Informatics

Conferenceseries.com maintains a database of more than three thousand global events related to biomedical and health informatics. Included are health informatics conferences, symposiums, workshops, and other gatherings of leading biomedical and health informatics experts. There is a wealth of information to be had, just in case you need a few more events to round out your year!

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