5 Blogs About Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration Blogs

  • Watcher’s World
  • Health Care Renewal
  • Journal of Healthcare Leadership
  • Healing Hospitals
  • HIPAA Blog

Reading healthcare administration blogs written by thought leaders in the industry offers valuable insight into what aspiring professionals can expect to encounter when they enter the field. Since administration is a broad industry, there are a number of blogs that can help you to further develop your knowledge of the field, regardless of whether you have an established career or you are still pursuing studies in a post-secondary educational institution.

1. Watcher’s World

In January 2017, the popular blog “Watcher’s World” combined forces with the Society of Hospital Medicine’s official blog: “The Hospital Leader.” Written by Robert M. Watcher, M.D., the blog focuses on practice issues and policies that affect patients and doctors. Having the opportunity to gain a physician’s perspective on the current trends and techniques in the healthcare world allows aspiring administrators to better understand how their actions and administrative decisions affect the medical professionals whom they oversee. Watcher’s inclusion of personal experiences and amiable tone help readers understand the attitudes, thoughts, and dynamics found in the healthcare system. With a unique viewpoint and timely posts, this blog is beneficial for healthcare professionals in all positions.

2. Health Care Renewal

The Health Care Renewal blog aims to address threats that could potentially harm the core values of the healthcare system. This blog covers a variety of topics for healthcare administrators, including strong governance, leadership, and ethics in healthcare. Since administrators continuously deal with changes in policies and laws that affect the way their facilities operate, it is important to stay on top of these developments in order to make the most appropriate decisions for their staff. Nurses, physicians, and other medical providers look to administrators for guidance on how to work with the changing healthcare landscape, and this blog provides knowledge of the best and most proactive ways to address potential problems.

3. Journal of Healthcare Leadership

Whether you are looking to share your opinions with other professionals or you are looking to read more about leadership within the healthcare industry, this journal goes beyond the traditional idea of blogging by providing open-access resources to all healthcare professionals at no cost. Readers can browse through papers from 2009 to the present and gain perspectives on how to handle administration and management. Professionals who wish to add their own ideas may submit papers on topics such as challenges in the field, how to develop certain skills, leadership approaches, and quality of care.

4. Healing Hospitals

The “Healing Hospitals” blog offers outstanding advice and resources for hospital CEOs and administrators. Written by Nick Jacobs, the “Healthcare Administration” category:

  • addresses the cultural and social influences that affect the healthcare field
  • discusses current issues facing professionals
  • relates personal experiences

With more than 20 years of experience in hospital management, Jacobs is an important professional to follow. He strives to enhance the text by providing relevant videos. This is one crucial resource to have on your blog roll, especially if you are looking for a site that touches on a number of issues that affect healthcare professionals in today’s world.

5. HIPAA Blog

The HIPAA blog offers an abundance of information that can help healthcare administrators learn more about compliance laws and how they’ve changed. There are categories such as:

  • law
  • technology
  • training
  • security

Professionals can investigate any area affected y HIPAA regulations. Since the importance of HIPAA enforcement still applies in today’s medical world, this is a must-read resource for anyone pursuing a career as a healthcare administrator.

Setting aside a few minutes each day to comb through these blogs can help both aspiring and current professionals stay on top of the latest changes and developments in the field of healthcare administration. Are you are looking for top healthcare administration blogs to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to best serve the facilities where you work? These resources can help you throughout all of your career phases.