Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina

Here you’ll find information about Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina.

The field of health informatics is exploding, thanks to access to health information online. This surge has resulted in the need for professionals who understand this field. It created a huge employment opportunity.

Graduates who achieve a degree in heath informatics will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of health care and management, as well as information technology. It is the ideal field for those who have been in the health industry for a while and who would like to advance into a new and exciting career.

The health informatics industry provides a link between patient care and the ever-evolving tech arena, making it a highly skilled position that requires the right educational backing.

Here are some Health informatics programs in South Carolina:

Florence-Darlington Technical College

Division of Health and Sciences

This school offers the Associate in Science degree, as well as comprehensive training in the nursing or allied health programs. This is the first step to achieve certification in these fields, or professional licensure. The school is dedicated to creating graduates who are well-prepared, in both their personal and professional lives, and is an excellent choice for Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina. Those who enroll in this program are will learn effective communication skills, and to lead others with ethical and moral awareness.

Associate in Health Science, AHS

The Florence Arlington Technical College’s Health Information Management program is specifically designed to prepare graduates for the growing and evolving field of health information management/technology. Appropriate and accurate information is vital in the modern healthcare system. HIM professionals offer the essential, supportive role that makes sure that the access of sensitive patient health data is possible to help nurses and doctors make the proper decisions for care. The graduates of this program will play a critical role in the collection of, maintenance of and analyzing of data that health professionals require.

In addition to the fundamental coursework and the simulation experience, HIM students will also participate in supervised clinicals that provide them with the opportunity to apply their understanding and knowledge in real world situations. Some of the required courses include:

  • legal aspects of health care,
  • medical terminology
  • coding systems
  • classification and others


The main accreditor of the Florence-Darlington Technical College is the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. For the Health Information Management program, accreditation is from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).


Florence-Darlington Technical College Admissions
2715 W. Lucas Street
100 Building, Room 100
Florence, SC 29502-0548
PO Box 100548
Program Website

Greenville Technical College

Health & Wellness

In the health and wellness field, students will gain a unique insight to the management and collection of data and information related to the health industry. The course is designed to help a student learn how to effectively communicate with others in administrative positions, as well as actual health care providers. This helps to provide the best and most accurate care for patients. As a vital part of the health care team, it is essential that students have a foundation that prepares them for the real world environment. This is what is offered by the health information management degree program from Greenville Technical College.

Associate in Health Information Management, HIM

HIM professionals will learn to collect, store, analyze, process, communicate and disseminate various information. This information is in the area of various health care services, including:

  • planning
  • research
  • financing
  • provision
  • evolution

This health program offers courses that teach students to manage and work with health-related information in a one plus one format. It offers general information courses during Phase I. Phase II includes HIM specific courses. During Phase II, students will receive professional practical experiences that are completed at a health care facility in the local area.

At Greenville Technical College, students who wish to enroll in the Health Information Management program can opt to take classes full time, on-campus,  or the part-time, online program. Both of these Health Informatics Programs require the student to acquire professional practice in some health care facility during typical business hours.


The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) is the accrediting entity for the Greenville Technical College’s associate degree program for Health Information Management.


Greenville Technical College
HIM Program Coordinator
506 South Pleasantburg Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
Program Website

Midlands Technical College

Health Information Management

Students who enroll in the Health Information Management program at the Midlands Technical College will gain knowledge in both health information systems, as well as common procedures. They will receive training so they can analyze, manage and evaluate the sensitive data in health records according to the set accreditation and licensure standards. They will also learn how to compile health statistics and create reports for doctors in the industry. Effective communication and leadership skills will be taught to help students become effective and efficient professionals in the field.

Associate Degree in Applied Science

Students who graduate from the HIM program will learn how to properly release health information in compliance with both state and federal law. They’ll utilize and maintain a number of automated and manual health information systems. Students will receive instruction in requirements for the delivery of health related information, including:

  • regulatory
  • accreditation
  • legal
  • ethical
  • administrative
  • medical

Classroom instruction is a large part of this educational experience. Students will also start to apply their new knowledge in various laboratory situations in the class, as well as clinical settings at local facilities.

Graduates of the HIM program will earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science that will allow them to take the national accrediting exam. When they pass, they can become a Registered Health information Technician. The program will allow the student to excel in any healthcare administrative setting and become an invaluable part of the office team and infrastructure. This school is a great choice for individuals looking for Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina.


The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is the accrediting entity of the Midlands Technical College.


Midlands Technical College
P.O. Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202
Program Website

University of South Carolina Upstate

USC Upstate Department of Informatics

This is the only degree program of its kind in South Carolina. The Bachelor of Arts in Information Management & Systems/Health Information Management (IMS/HIM) works directly with:

  • Florence-Darlington Technical College
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Greenville Technical College

Students can enroll in the program after they have received their associate degree from one of the accredited colleges offering health information management programs. They must  have passed the RHIT test. Upon completion of the degree program, students will be ready to assume a management role that deals with health information, as well as health information systems.

Bachelor of Arts in Information Management & Systems/Health Information Management(IMS/HIM)

Once the course is completed, there are a number of management roles that will be open to students in different settings including:

  • private practices
  • clinics
  • long-term care facilities
  • hospitals

Other opportunities are available, as well, at:

  • consulting firms
  • insurance companies
  • government agencies
  • software vendors

This degree supports student’s ability to provide accurate documented patient care, as well as an understanding of the legal requirements of this field. As an HIM students will manage both information and people.

This program is offered both full and part time. It includes the additional benefit of the healthcare informatics component. Most courses are offered online, allowing students to work according to their schedule. This makes a convenient option for Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina.


The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education is the accrediting entity of the Health Information Management program from the University of South Carolina Upstate.


USC Upstate
Department of Informatics
800 University Way
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Program Website

As you can see, there are a number of exciting opportunities offered when you graduate from one of these courses. If you are ready, take some time to learn more about the Health Informatics Programs in South Carolina.

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