Health Informatics Programs in Hawaii

Health Informatics programs in Hawaii are usually not the first thing people think of when they start thinking about “The Aloha State.” Instead, it is much more likely that they are thinking of sandy beaches, learning how to tell stories by dancing the hula or visiting the numerous active volcanoes that dot the landscape. There is more to Hawaii than the tourist areas, however. Hawaii is also home to some very reputable colleges and universities. These institutions offer many different opportunities for students to study. You’ll certainly find health informatics programs in Hawaii as well, including the following accredited program:

Heald College – Honolulu

Healthcare Programs

Heald College in Honolulu offers a number of healthcare programs to students interested in entering into the medical field. These programs include courses that will teach students to work with patients like medical assisting and dental assisting. There are programs where students will work behind the scenes, such as in health information technology. The school’s philosophy is that they can only succeed as a college if their students succeed in the classroom and the workforce. This philosophy is what drives the faculty and staff to work with their students to promote their success. Faculty are part of the workforce and bring this experience into the classroom for their students.

Associate in Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology

One of the healthcare programs that Heald College offers is the A.A.S. degree in Health Information Technology. This is an ideal program for anyone who is looking to contribute to the overall care of patients in a medical setting, but also wants to remain behind the scenes. Those who go into this program are those who enjoy:

  • working with others in the medical field
  • technology
  • computers

Students will be given all of the information they need to enter into the workforce following program completion. They will also be fully prepared to sit for the national exam that will allow them to become a registered health information technologist. Though this is not a requirement, students often find higher wages and more job opportunities by becoming registered. Students are also given the latest information and have access to the most modern technology throughout their studies at Heald College.

  • The Health Information Technology Program at Heald College – Honolulu is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education.

Heald College
1500 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-955-1500
Program Website

Working in the medical field is a dream that many in Hawaii dream of doing. However, not everyone wants to work directly with patients. Some are better suited to work behind the scenes as a health information technician. By looking into some of the health informatics programs in Hawaii, you will be better prepared to take that first step along the road to your future career.

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