What Undergraduate Degrees Will Prepare Me To Get a Degree in Healthcare Management?

Healthcare administration is a fast growing field with:

  • good long-term job opportunities
  • a high base salary
  • ample room for job growth

A baccalaureate student planning for this in-demand career will want to focus on completing both an undergraduate and graduate degree, especially if they are seeking a top tier position. As a result, a student will need to think about their future strategically. Their ultimate goal will be two-fold:

  • learn entry level skills in order to prepare for advanced coursework
  • gain admission into a graduate program in:
    • public health
    • healthcare administration
    • business administration

Clinical and Academic Majors

The most important thing for a baccalaureate student to know is that any major could eventually qualify them for an advanced degree in graduate school. However, some programs will prepare you more effectively. The first thing to consider is whether you will want a clinical degree before attending graduate school. Some students train in a direct care discipline such as nursing or medicine and choose to work for several years before pursing a managerial position. Like other healthcare administrators, they can often find a position as a department manager. If they want a top tier position, however, they generally return to school for a specific degree in healthcare administration.

For professionals who know they want an administrative position early in their academic program, there are options to major in healthcare administration specifically. These programs can be particularly advantageous for students who want practical work experience before seeking a graduate degree. An undergraduate healthcare administration degree will qualify you for an entry-level job in the field. When you’re ready for an advanced degree, this training will make you an attractive graduate school applicant.

Although a B.S. in Healthcare Administration has advantages, there are many other majors you might consider. You should keep in mind that a successful health care administrator is trained in:

  • business
  • management
  • finance

A savvy undergraduate student would, therefore, be well-served to choose any one of these majors.

There are other majors that will help a future healthcare administrator. Consider, for example, that successful administrators are highly flexible managers. They are multitaskers who are qualified in many fields. As such, they are ready to work not only as hospital administrators, but as CEO’s and managers of:

  • free standing clinics
  • mental health facilities
  • nursing homes

These careers require competencies in:

  • public policy
  • law
  • economics
  • human resources

All of these majors and/or concentrations should be considered by the savvy baccalaureate student.


Undergraduate students contemplating a career in healthcare administration have every reason to be optimistic about their future. Not only are their job prospects bright, but career managers express high degrees of job satisfaction. A direct care clinician can change an individual’s life. A healthcare administrator can change the lives of thousands. There are few jobs more satisfying than that.