What is the Society of Hospital Medicine?

The Society of Hospital Medicine is also known by the abbreviation SHM. It’s an organization open to those currently working in hospitals. While many of its members are doctors, other members include both nurses and caregivers who work with patients. SHM provides a number of resources for members. They can:

  • go through the online training needed to keep their licenses in good standing
  • connect with professionals working in hospitals across the nation
  • read the official journal published by the organization.

Hospital Medicine Exchange

SHM offers the Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX). SHM calls HMX the biggest online forum for hospital professionals. This forum is open only to members. Once an individual becomes a member, he or she can create a unique username and a password to use on the forum. The forum features different areas that let members create new threads to address topics that interest them and to contribute to existing discussions and threads. Users can also use HMX to search for local chapters and to find other users and members near them.

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Journal of Hospital Medicine

The Journal of Hospital Medicine is one of the more prominent professional journals published today. SHM publishes monthly and occasionally offers a second issue during select months. In December and November of 2016, it released a supplemental issue to address topics that didn’t fit with the standard issues. Members are mailed a print copy of each issue. They can also log in and view a digital issue each month. The digital version of the journal includes certain highlights every month too, such as the top article of the month picked by the editor and the monthly featured article.

Annual Conference

Becoming a member of SHM also allows professionals working in hospitals to attend its annual conference. According to the Society of Hospital Medicine‘s official website, this conference:

  • allows professionals:to network with others who work in hospitals
  • gives them access to classes taught by professionals from around the world
  • provides opportunities to learn about new resources and tools that can help them and their patients

The conference includes lecture series and workshops that can help members learn new skills or enhance their existing skills. SHM chooses new locations each year for the event.

Online Learning

As members of SHM, professionals can also sign up for online learning programs and portals. Members can:

  • create their own accounts
  • view all upcoming classes for which they signed up
  • learn about new classes that might appeal to them

SHM offers a wide range of online classes that cover topics such as:

  • symptoms that a patient might be at risk of suffering from a pulmonary embolism
  • the diagnosis and management of patients with mental disorders

While some classes are free for members, others charge a small fee.

Professionals working in hospitals today must stay up to date with trends in the industry and keep their skills sharp. Members of SHM can take classes online that help. The Society of Hospital Medicine also:

  • publishes its own journal
  • puts on an annual conference
  • maintains a professional forum for members.