What is the Employment Outlook for the Healthcare Management Field?

Do you want to work in public health administration? It’s important to research whether or not the employment outlook for the Healthcare Management field shows promise.

When you are interested in starting a career or switching careers, it can be difficult to find a job when the demand for qualified professionals is projected to fall. Luckily, the healthcare arena is one where there is a lot of promise for growth and job security.

As the economy changes and the need for health services grows, professionals in the field will have access to more opportunity. Here is what you need to know:

What is the Job Outlook in Health Services and Administration?

Health services managers and administrators are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations in a healthcare facility. They do not care for patients in clinical settings. But they do plan and coordinate the services that are provided for the best patient outcomes and the highest level of profitability.

Since it’s the manager’s job to keep up with new regulations and reform laws, it has never been more important to hire trained professionals. This is why the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States Labor Department has projected that the field will grow by 17%. This growth is much higher than the national average in all fields, which is projected at 7%.

Where is Growth Projected to be the Highest?

The healthcare sector is a large one. Professionals in this sector can work in a large variety of settings, and demand in each of these settings can vary. According to the data that’s been compiled by the BLS, as many as 56,300 jobs will be created in the future.

Based on the trends, the demand will be highest in:

  • nursing care facilities
  • health practitioner officers
  • group practice offices

Demand in hospital settings will also grow for informatics professionals and electronic health records specialists.

It is important to choose the right setting to work in and the right area of administration to specialize in so that you always have opportunity after you earn a degree and gain experience.

Why is the Employment Outlook So Positive in Healthcare Management?

The job outlook in healthcare management was not always so positive. Changes in the population and healthcare technologies have changed the demand for medical services. Since the need for medical services is high, the need for managers has proportionately grown. Here are some of the economic and demographic factors that have had a dramatic effect:

  • An aging population of baby-boomers who demand care
  • A growing life expectancy rate
  • Changes in healthcare procedures that improve the quality of life for patients
  • Changes in how medical records or recorded
  • Changes in health insurance requirements granting the population more access to care

If you would like to pursue a career in a promising field like healthcare management, consider health services. To enter this field, you should earn an MBA in Health Administration. You can get your MBA even if you have a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated area of study. Now that you know the employment outlook for the Healthcare Management Field, it’s time to compare business degree programs.