What is the Best Way to Find Hospital Rankings?

what-is-the-best-way-to-find-hospital-rankingsHospital rankings help both consumers and job seekers choose where they would like to seek treatment or employment.

If you are moving to a new area or you have just recently realized the importance of rankings, it’s time to find out where you can find rankings and how the rankings are calculated. There are a number of different channels that rank hospitals and other types of health organizations. However, not all organizations are as reputable or legitimate as others.

Here are some of the most reputable sources that you can reference and what makes them great channels to reference:

Ratings through Consumer Reports

Hospitals can be rated in a number of different ways. Consumer Reports rates hospitals in a way that will help you make educated decisions when you are comparing different facilities based on:

  • patient experience
  • patient safety
  • patient outcomes
  • practices

Unlike some other organizations, Consumer Reports rates the performance of over 3000 hospitals using scientifically based data that is gathered from legitimate public sources.

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When you rely on the ratings,  be sure that you can choose the location where you will get quality care or deliver quality care as a healthcare professional. The combination of the safety scores and data on outcomes will focus on all of the measures that are most important instead of just focusing on profitability or salaries. For more information on the measures used to rate hospitals, visit Consumer Reports technical ratings report.

Ratings Through Healthgrades

It would be so much easier to choose a doctor or a hospital if either were assigned grades like when you were in school or college. Luckily, you can find the right hospital by comparing the grades that have been awarded to your local hospitals through Healthgrades.com. Hospital rankings through this source are based on care quality so users can minimize risk when they are in need of hospital care.

One feature that separates these rankings from others is that the hospital and doctor rankings are linked. You have the right to know if the doctor treating you will have you admitted to a quality hospital where they have privileges. If you want to research, compare or even connect with a specific hospital that offers specific types of care, this award-winning resource has comprehensive information.

Safety Scores for National Hospitals

Safety can make all of the difference when you are being treated. This is why picking a hospital with a high safety score is a must. Visit Hospital Safety Score online.You can find out information about patient safety and safety scores so that you are prepared to choose a facility with the fewest number of:

  • errors
  • injuries
  • accidents
  • infections

Check out the state profile or look for your specific hospital to see which places have earned an A. Enter your city and state in the fields, and begin your safety search.

You are not alone in a search to find a safe hospital that has high customer satisfaction rankings and positive outcomes. Equip yourself with powerful tools to find that right match. Use the sources above and use a combination of hospital rankings to get a well-rounded picture