What is the Admissions Process for Getting into a MBA in Healthcare Management Program?

Knowing the process of something that is unfamiliar to you can help getting through the process easier, especially when you are applying to a business school program. Interested in earning your MBA with a specialization in Health Management? The first step is doing your research so you can pinpoint the best school offering the most convenient schedule. After you have located the best program that meets your needs, you must apply for admission.

Applying for admission to an MBA program is not like applying to college while you are a senior in high school. While admission is very competitive, the process is entirely different. Here is a step-by-step guide detailing the process of admission so that you know what to expect before you start:

Step 1: Submitting Your Application and Your Documentation

You should always verify that you meet the prerequisite requirements of the MBA program before you start the application process. Most MBA programs with a specialization in Health Management will require that you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. If you have satisfied this requirement, you can move on to filling out an application for admissions. You must submit all of the required documentation with your application, so it is in your best interest to gather your documentation well in advance. Here is a list of the required documentation that will be requested from most schools:

* A completed application form

* Fee

* Official transcripts from college where you earned your degree

* GMAT scores

* English Test

* Letters of recommendation from professors or colleagues

* Personal statement

After you gather this, you can submit your application. Most schools will accept applications online, but you must have your hard copy of transcripts sent to the school’s admissions department. Your GMAT scores and English test scores will be transmitted electronically.

Step 2: Pre-Committee Phase

Once you submit your application and all of the required documents, the application will go through the Pre-Committee phase. If your scores and your academic history satisfy the requirements, you will be called for a personal interview in front of the school’s committee. The face-to-face interview is where you get to shine in front of the decision makers of the school.

Step 3: Interview and Assessment Day

Your personal interview is held with admissions directors. You will be asked about your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. Some schools will ask that you participate in an assessment day. Assessment days are designed to connect you with groups of applicants and the admissions teams. This completes the selections process and your application will then go in front of a final admissions committee.

If you are accepted by the committee, you will receive an acceptance letter detailing what actions you must take next. Statistics show that the top MBA programs offering a wide range of specializations including Health Management have an acceptance rate of 74%. If you are prepared for the process, you can be an acceptance statistic and not the opposite. Gather the information you need, take the graduate tests you must take, and shine in front of the admissions directors.

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