What is an Executive MHA?

https://www.mba-healthcare-management.com/in/Are you interested in learning about executive MHA programs? If your goal is to become a healthcare administrator or a specialist in the healthcare sector, it is important to earn the formal degrees and certifications that make you qualified for a position. Once you have an undergraduate degree and gained footing in the field as a healthcare professional, it’s important to advance your degree to open up more advancement opportunities. There are a variety of Master’s programs that professionals in the field can apply to. However,  the Executive Master of Healthcare Administration is a unique program that promotes more than just continual learning. Read on and learn more about the blended approach that these executive programs take.

Who is an Executive MHA Program Designed For?

MHA programs are designed to help healthcare professionals distinguish themselves as leaders in the field. Not everyone meets the admissions requirements to enter an executive MHA program. Typically the programs are designed for both clinical and management healthcare professionals who would like to transition into a new role or advance their title. To meet the prerequisite requirements, anyone interested in enrolling in graduate level Healthcare Administration must demonstrate that they have capabilities in the field. The most common way to demonstrate your capabilities is by having a specified number of years of professional experience that can be verified by the institution.

What Will You Gain From an Executive MHA Program?

The Executive Master of Health Administration curriculum can vary from school to school, but choosing an accredited program ensures that you will gain specific skills. When you complete the program, you will have developed competencies in the business of healthcare in specific areas like:

  • leadership
  • economics
  • managed care
  • quality of care
  • information management, and more

With the technical skills that you gain, you will be considered an expert in the field. With your new leadership skills, you will be much more marketable for leadership and executive positions. By completing an EMHA program, you can gain a sharper business acumen and learn in-depth principles and theories that were never covered in an undergraduate program.

How to Select the Best EMHA Program

Now that you understand how valuable an EMHA can be, the next step is comparing all of the programs that are advertised. The first step to narrowing down your options is to find programs that have a programmatic accreditation from a reliable organization. Currently, the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education oversees the accreditation process for graduate programs like the MHA. The CAHME is the only body that oversees Master’s programs and that is also recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. By reviewing a list of accredited schools, you can ensure schools adhere to codes that ensure that standards are met.

ResourceState Listing of Masters in Healthcare Management Degree Programs

Healthcare is a growing field for professionals who want to work in both the private and the public sector. If you are currently working in the field and want to advance more quickly than you would by simply gaining professional experience, earn an Executive Master of Healthcare Administration. Compare programs, the costs of earning your degree, and–most importantly–schedules, and earn your Executive MHA as you work.

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