What is an Accelerated Healthcare MBA?

If you want to get qualified to work in healthcare administration as quickly as possible, it is time to learn about the accelerated MBA program.

Accelerated business degree programs are becoming increasingly popular. More and more business professionals realize how it important it is to possess a graduate degree to compete for jobs.  Students often have to give up too much time and some job opportunities to return to school. So business schools have started to quicker the pace of study and shorten the length of their programs.

Here is just how an accelerated business degree program works:

What is an MBA in Healthcare?

Not everyone who wants to work in healthcare administration has a bachelor’s degree majoring in the field. In fact, many undergraduate students majored in unrelated fields just to discover that the job outlook in those fields was not good. It’s possible to earn a general MBA that covers core business curriculum. However, students who want to advance their knowledge in healthcare or transition to the healthcare field find that choosing a concentration is best. MBA degrees are best for transitioning because you can enter the program with a degree from any field of study.

When you select a concentration in Healthcare Administration, you take both bore business courses and courses that are entirely focused on the skills and the practices you need to work in medical settings. MBA’s are for people who are working behind the scenes or in leadership roles rather than clinical roles.

Here are some of the courses that you will take in this type of CAHME-accredited degree program:

  • Health Policy and Economics
  • Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Decision Analysis in Health Services
  • Health Information Systems

How Long Does it Take to Earn an MBA?

How long it takes to complete business school depends on your enrollment status. If you are taking a traditional MBA program as a full-time student, you may complete all of the credits in about 2 years. Part-time enrollees can expect to be in school for 3 to 4 years in a traditional program.

If you take a more modern program with a fast-paced format, you can finish your degree at an accelerated pace. The duration of these programs depends on the school that you go to, but most of the options can be completed in 10 to 16 months. While it is beneficial to complete school fast, it is important that you are prepared to study independently when you take a fast-track program.

How Are Accelerated Programs Structured?

If you take a Healthcare MBA program at an accelerated pace, you and other students will move throughout the program together. It’s common to have shorter modules which cover more topics at once. In most cases, all of the content in the program will be delivered in two to three semesters and you will work through summer.

Demand in the healthcare field is at an all-time high. According to statistics, the demand for managers in healthcare will grow by 16% in upcoming years. Since there is greater demand for efficiency and strategic decision making within the healthcare setting, post-grad students are considered assets. Make sure to get qualified and consider the Accelerated MBA program to finish school more quickly.

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