What is AAHAM Legislative Day?

AAHAM Legislative Day is a significant political event for everybody in any healthcare facility concerned with bettering the industry, bolstering their network, and boosting their bottom line. Through joining in with professionals representing other facilities attending this event, healthcare administrators can have a wide window opened to a many brand-new industrial opportunities.

Many different administrative healthcare professionals come to Washington from all parts of the country for the event. They share their insight and experience for new ways to approach developments of all kinds of administrative healthcare processes.

The turnout for Legislative Days is generally always high in volume, which means that those who wish to attend usually have to apply far in advance to get a reservation.

Grassroots Support

The aim of Legislative Day is to give healthcare administrators a better chance at furthering the efficiency of healthcare ministration through productive collaboration.

Because different directives in healthcare administration may not always have the right level of support and representation to be wholly enacted, Legislative Day can ensure that these understated directives have the right level of representation and grassroots support to gain momentum.

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Because different proposals put forth by the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management won’t always get the amount of backing they need if only given scattered support, having different healthcare facility members convene in Washington provides the strong foundational showing in numbers that can only be developed at a grassroots level.

Inside Briefing Insight And Networking

Like-minded administrators are able to draw strength in numbers for the directives that they feel are the most important. They’re also able to gain the advantage of receiving inside briefings from some of the most credible and powerful experts in the industry.

By getting insider briefings, healthcare administrators can collaborate with one another and deepen their level of understanding about the latest happenings in the industry.

Administrators can meet with members of the Senate and House who are directly responsible for enacting whatever policy changes are seen as the most imperative for healthcare administration. This strengthens the ability to communicate with them beyond simply sending messages.

By directly networking with key to decision-makers in the industry, much more momentum can be gained in seeing important directives realized. Direct networking makes it easier for important directives to be suggested to the White House. It also strengthens the networks of all who attend.

Exposure and CEUs

This event can be one of the only chances that anyone in the industry has to get the maximum amount of exposure and backing for the issues that they feel are the most important for everyone in the industry to consider.

It’s an opportunity to see understated administrative proposals given a high degree of support. Facility members who attend this event can also earn valuable continuing education units (CEUs) for their participation. Up to eight AAHAM CEUs are awarded for Legislative Day attendance.

Whether it’s out of a desire to further the recognition of one’s own top healthcare ministration priorities or simply to be more in the know, AAHAM Legislative Day is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the most important developments in the industry.