What is a Locum Tenen?

Locum Tenen is a Latin term that refers to physicians and other doctors working on a temporary basis. Healthcare professionals often work in one position for an extended period of time. A doctor or nurse might stay in the same office and see the same patients regularly. Temporary workers have the chance to travel the country and work on a fill-in basis. They work in a clinic or another facility until it locates a full-time worker to take over that job.

Where Do They Work?

Healthcare professionals interested in these positions often want to know where they can work. The simple answer is: anywhere. Staffing companies work with health care facilities that have a need for qualified workers. Those companies seek out professionals in need of a job and work with those who registered with them in the past. Professionals can select the type of facilities they want to work in and where they want to work. They can even make a list of places where they won’t work. Facilities in both rural and urban areas all across the United States have a need for temporary workers.

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Benefits of Temporary Work

Signing up for temporary work has some benefits. The biggest benefit for those just starting out is that it helps them gain more practical and clinical experience. Nurses can graduate from nursing school and get a license without having much experience outside of the classroom. Doing some temp work gives them experience that they can put on their resumes. This type of work also gives professionals the chance to travel, and most jobs cover their travel expenses. They can also make some extra money while taking a break from a full-time job.

Reasons Facilities Need Workers

A common misconception among those in the healthcare industry is that Locum Tenen jobs are only available because those positions are too hard to fill. They might think that the clinic doesn’t have enough supplies or that a hospital has a large number of problem patients. Many positions are open because doctors took a sabbatical to deal with personal problems or because a doctor wanted to take some time off to conduct research and write a paper. Other facilities need help because they just opened and do not yet have a full-time staff. Some facilities are also busier during certain seasons of the year and hire workers to help out during the busy season.

Comparing to Travel Jobs

Though some might think that travel and temporary jobs are the same, this isn’t necessarily true. Travel jobs are those that require health care professionals to do a high level of travel. They might travel around a community and visit patients in their homes. Temporary workers do less traveling. According to Glassdoor, the average salary among travel nurses is around $78,000 a year. Those who work temp jobs can make more or less. This depends on whether they work full-time or just work a few months out of the year.

Hospitals, clinics and other types of medical facilities often have a need for temporary employees who are willing to work a few days, weeks or months at a time. Staffing companies hire these professionals as Locum Tenen and send them to destinations across the country.