What are the prerequisites to a Master’s in Public Health Degree?

Before you enroll in a program to earn your master’s in public health, it’s important to set aside time to research admissions requirements. Students who are interested in attending graduate school must meet these requirements before their application for admissions will even be considered by the board of admissions. Every school has their own unique set of admissions requirements and prerequisites that relate to the program that students will be attending. While the requirements are unique to each school, there are general requirements that you should know about as you compare public health programs. These are the general requirements:

Prerequisites Based on Your Concentration

If you’re planning to attend a master’s program majoring in public health, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a related field. While some schools do not have specific course requirements, you will need to be able to show that you have adequate preparation in:

  • math
  • social sciences
  • biological sciences
  • physical sciences

If you’re going to specialize in a specific area of study in public health, you may need to have some classes under your belt. For example, students who specialize in biostatistics generally must have one year of calculus completed with a passing grade. If you are to major in health policy management, you must have a passing Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score rather than meeting class requirements. Students who major in public policy or social welfare must meet general school admission requirements for graduate students. Check the specific prerequisite requirements if you are interested in a specialization. Make sure you’re prepared before you complete your bachelor’s degree.

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Other Requirements That Must Be Considered

Now that you know that the prerequisites to enter a public health graduate program can vary, it is important to learn about other requirements. A majority of schools have different departmental requirements that students must meet in general. The departmental requirements may say that you must pass a Graduate Record Exam(GRE) within the last three to five years to be considered. This score must be submitted to the school from the Education Testing Service before admissions deadline dates to be accepted. This is why it is important that you prepare in advance to apply.

If you have satisfied the GRE or the GMAT requirement, you are one step closer to gaining acceptance into a graduate program. You may also need:

  • your transcripts
  • multiple letters of recommendation
  • a polished essay to attach to your application

Make sure that you check directly with the school to verify what you must submit with your application. Visit the school’s departmental website to find out the information that you need. Or ask your counselor during your face-to-face interview.

If you want to work in public health, you can pursue a variety of different positions in the public sector or in the non-profit sector. The first step to having a flourishing future in public health is to earn an advanced degree. After you hold your degree, you can advance in your position. You can also apply for new leadership roles where you are seen as an expert in the field. Compare all of the accredited programs that exist and enroll in one that will help you learn as you earn your master’s in public health.

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