How Much Does a Health Information Manager Earn?

Would you like to learn about the average salary of a Health Information Manager before you enter the field? When you are planning to attend college, one of the first things you must do is research your major. It’s important to have an interest in specific areas of studies. But you must also consider what life will be like once you graduate from college. The best occupations to pursue are those that are projected to have high demand and those that also pay well. There’s no denying the fact that Health Information Management is a growing field that is high in demand. And where there is growth there is an opportunity to advance. Read on, and learn more about the salaries earned by Health Information Managers.

Average Salaries in Health Information Management

Electronic medical records and other health information technologies and regulations have changed the way the world looks at Health Information Managers. More and more medical offices and medical centers recognize the need for Health Information Management (HIM) professionals. Employment in the field is growing. With rising demand comes a rising trend in salary statistics. While salaries in HIM careers can vary, the average salary reported for Health Services Managers is reported to be $88,580 per year or $42.59 per hour. The field is projected to grow by 23% or more. The salary average statistics will  continue to grow and the range will widen.

What Factors Affect the Salary a Health Information Manager Earns?

One of the biggest factors that will affect a professionals salary in HIM is region. The salaries reported in each state can vary dramatically based on the population in the region and the need for HIM services. To find the best region in which to be a Health Information Manager, you must consider:

  • the number of job postings in the state
  • the number of job openings
  • the demand for health services

Based on salary data, the lowest salaries average about $57,000 in Colorado and Arizona. The highest salaries are reported in Mississippi and New York at $76,000.

Another important factor to consider is the setting in which you work. Salaries in smaller private settings may not be the same as salaries in large public settings. Before you begin applying for jobs, consider how your employment with a specific corporation or government agency can affect your lifetime earning potential. Many Health Information Managers choose to start off working as HIM technicians to gain experience in a smaller medical center. They will later advance into a role with a hospital or research center when they want to gain a larger earning potential.

Health Information Managers who organize and oversee the delivery of medical services play an important role in treating a patient and recording information. HIM managers play such an important role that the top 75th percentile in the field earn a salary of $118,600 or more.

To enter this field, it is best to earn your Master’s degree in Health Information Management. Then you can compete with those who have an advanced degree or years of experience. Map out the best route and earn a high salary of a Health Information Manager.