Are There Any Health Informatics Telecommuting Jobs?

are-there-any-health-informatics-telecommuting-jobsWith the rise of advanced work-from-home technologies, it’s no surprise that health informatics telecommuting jobs are rising in popularity.

It might be hard to imagine performing this job at home. But a large number of medical systems and insurance companies are actually moving their workforce out of the corporate office and into the home office. This is due, in large part, to the ability to install key pieces of informatics software and analysis tools on desktop and laptop computers that professionals already own. As a result, employers save money and workers gain access to a more flexible schedule and work environment. There are a few things to know when pursuing one of these remote positions, however.

Technical Capability is a Fundamental Consideration

The typical health informatics position requires a great deal of interaction with sophisticated software and analytics applications. Many of these are very resource intensive. For this reason, employers hiring a remote workforce often require their applicants to have a powerful computer at home. It must be capable of running these applications on a consistent basis throughout the day. Most remote positions require:

  • certain processors
  • a certain amount of free disk storage space
  • a large amount of installed memory

If necessary, remote professionals may have to install upgrades in their existing computer. Or they may have to purchase a new one to effectively perform the job for which they are eventually hired.

In many instances, workers hired for remote positions will also:

  • have to have a webcam
  • install the company’s enterprise communications tools
  • access company resources through a secure account

All of this will typically be discussed during the hiring process. It will be used to determine whether or not the informatics professional is an ideal fit for a remote position.

Consider the Wide Range of Employers Offering Remote Jobs

A wide range of technological requirements must be met. However, the professionals who work hard to meet these requirements will find that the number and type of potential employers are almost limitless. Informatics work is increasingly crucial to both hospital systems and insurance companies. It gives them insight into such areas as:

  • patient needs
  • employee productivity
  • compliance with new healthcare regulations
  • delivery of positive health outcomes to patients of all kinds

For this reason, applicants looking for a remote job should consider positions with:

  • major national health insurance companies
  • local health systems
  • individual hospitals
  • medical schools and teaching hospitals that might be overseen by nearby universities

Due to the remote nature of informatics telecommuting jobs, applicants will find that the only real limitation during their job search is the availability of remote positions. The vast majority of these positions, by their nature, do not require travel and do not require office attendance at any point. That means workers are purely based at home, and jobs in any state will offer excellent opportunities over the long-term. Many positions even offer the opportunity for advancement, all through remote means.

Excellent Opportunities Await At-Home Professionals

The economy increasingly consists of remote workers performing highly detailed, professional work in the comfort of their own home offices. Health informatics jobs, in particular, are embracing this style of work as a way to create better work-life balance for their employees. When pursuing these health informatics telecommuting jobs, make sure that their requirements, from location to travel to technology, are easy to meet. Make sure that their benefits extend well beyond the comfort of a home office workspace.

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