MBA in Healthcare Management Careers

MBA in Healthcare Management CareersMBA in Healthcare Management careers are many and varied. An MBA in Healthcare Management can open a health professional up to many opportunities by providing a foundation for high-level management in the health industry.

Earning this degree is possible through traditional routes and online options. The best online MBA in Healthcare Management degrees can be pursued through the University of North Carolina and Kaplan University. The University of North Carolina is rated a Top 20 business school. It’s accredited By the Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business. The online courses use a blend of asynchronous and live instruction methods with a focus on communication.

Kaplan University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It offers an accelerated MBA program for qualified students. Kaplan University prides itself on having faculty members who have professional experience in their fields.

The healthcare industry continues to grow. As it grows, so will the need for individuals who can manage various types of healthcare companies. An MBA in Healthcare Management will provide individuals with management skills specific to the needs of healthcare businesses, such as:

  • the ability to improve business processes while reducing expenditure
  • taking advantage of new technology

Healthcare management professionals put themselves in a position to significantly improve a community’s health. This makes MBA in Healthcare Management Careers good choices for highly motivated and dedicated healthcare professionals.

Details of MBA in Healthcare Management Careers

MBA in Healthcare Management Careers can be found in:

  • public health departments
  • nursing facilities
  • health insurance companies
  • clinics
  • hospitals
  • mental health organizations
  • research institutions
  • healthcare associations, and more

The healthcare executive is also referred to as healthcare manager and healthcare administrator. The role includes making sure the company or organization is equipped financially and medically to provide quality service to their patients and communities. A healthcare executive must genuinely care about:

  • the health of their patients
  • the quality of physicians and practitioners who care for those patients

Another responsibility of the healthcare executive is to provide resources to the community to help educate them about health issues.

Upon graduating with an MBA in Healthcare Management, the first step to senior management will likely be entry to mid-level management of:

  • patient care services
  • medical staff relations
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • finance in a healthcare company

Some possible job titles include:

  • nursing services executive
  • legal services executive
  • support services executive
  • patient care services executive

A career in healthcare management pays quite well. Entry to mid-level management positions can pay from $150,000 to $300,000 per year. Senior management positions such as CFO, CMO, COO, and CEO of a hospital see salaries from $300,000 to over $5 million.

Another important job sector for healthcare executives is the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs. MBA in Healthcare Management careers are lucrative and often highly stressful. However, they provide healthcare professionals a great opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare through managing the efficiency of the organization.